2 min readIndividual rights and freedoms under siege in COVID era

The battle for human freedom and dignity has began. Whose side are you on?

The following is a letter to 100,000 lawyers written by Robert Kennedy Jr. and was published by The Defender last January 26, 2021. In it, Kennedy users fellow attorneys to protect individual rights by safeguarding “informed consent, bodily integrity, the right to refuse unwanted medical interventions, religious expression, and autonomy”.

He says that individual rights and freedoms are globally under siege as coronavirus mandates are impeding on a true conduct of democracy. In his letter, Kennedy outlines how corporate regulators held entire populations hostage, hence providing the justification for the transfer of “$45 billion of taxpayer money to pharmaceutical companies to finance gold rush of new vaccines” [note that this figure is only for the US, the amount of money being funneled to vaccine acquisition is much higher if we include the allotted amount in other countries]. Kennedy also stresses the importance of preventing mandatory vaccination laws and explains how the failure to do so could have an impact on society as a whole.

Editor’s Note: Is public health more important than individual freedoms and naturally given rights? Is surviving more important than living with meaning? These are some of the questions that has emerged in recent months, thanks to widespread lockdowns in many countries.

Which truth will you uphold: the emerging biology and medicine showing us that the human body has the capacity to heal itself [see Human energy fields and their implications for health, How does healing happen?, Biophotons and what they can tell us about biofields and healing, How the mind can heal the body], or an outdated understanding of the human body that is based on the reductionist sciences? Your vote has never been as crucial as it is today.

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