Being Human in the Age of Technology

1 min readBeing Human in the Age of Technology

If AI was built to outperform humans, what purpose do human beings serve in the future? How can we ever hope to keep pace with our own creations?

Long before AI became mainstream, various individuals have already expressed their concern for humanity’s safety. While the concern has been centered on killer robots and AI-operated missiles, Tom Chatfield, author of Live This Book and Netymology and How to Thrive in the Digital Age, believes that the concern should not only be about whether we should build AI machines or not. Rather, we must find the answer to the most important question of our generation if we are to survive this onslaught: what does it mean to be creatures of language, self-awareness and rationality?

Our creations are certain to grow far beyond our current comprehension: how far and how fast is perhaps our most urgent existential question. Our best hopes of progress, however, remain deceptively familiar: understanding ourselves better; asking what aims may serve not only our survival, but also our thriving; and striving to build systems that serve rather than subvert these.

Tom Chatfield

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