1 min readGoogle’s Artificial Intelligence Built an AI That Outperforms Any Made by Humans

How many years will it take before machines can outperform humans? It might take a lifetime before this can happen. Or so we thought. Google’s AutoML, introduced to the world only in May 2017, has created an AI child that outperforms humans.

AutoML’s child is called NASNet, and though at present its main task includes recognizing objects in a video in real-time, it hopes to be able to do more sophisticated tasks in the future. It hopes to help visually impaired individuals regain their eyesight, as well as give better eyes to an autonomous vehicle so it can recognize objects and react to them appropriately.

Why It Matters

AutoML’s achievement is an indication of how far along machine learning is. This, despite the fact that many concerns in AI development has not yet been addressed.

One needs to remember that though AutoML was created by human developers, NASNet is not. It means that human developers have no control over what goes on in NASNet – how sure are we that no biases have been passed on to this child AI? What might happen if AutoML creates AI children so fast that society is unable to keep up?

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