1 min readGoogle and Amazon Want To Become Your Doctor

Google and Amazon have expanded their presence in our lives by launching technical innovations through Google Health and Amazon Care. These are easily accessible programs that can be found on smartwatches, mobile apps, and AIs that provide consumers with a range of medical advice. This can include options for sleep and eye movement tracking.

The article highlights the rise of smartphone medicine and telehealth services, facilitated by these companies, which offer convenience but also raise concerns about data privacy and the potential for these tech giants to have too much control over individuals’ health data and decisions. The article calls for greater scrutiny and regulation of these tech companies’ involvement in healthcare.

Editor’s Note: The growing data of personal Information collected through these services reminds us of a saying: with great knowledge comes great power, so what exactly do these big tech companies have in mind? [Also read GOOGLE STUDY SHOWS AI WILL MAKE BAD HEALTH CARE WORSE, WHAT IS TRANSHUMANISM?, TRANSHUMANISM: IMMORTALITY FOR THOSE WHO CAN AFFORD IT, HOW CAN AI AND TRANSHUMANISM MAKE US FORGET THE BEST AND THE HIGHEST GIFTS OF BEING HUMAN?].

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