1 min readLet’s be careful with our DNA Data

This article outlines the dangers of compromising our genetic data. For starters, our genetic data can be commercialized by big pharma. The worst case is that they can be used to frame you by the powers that be. They can be used by repressive regimes, and social surveillance, target you politically, and discriminate against you from employment and even insurance. The repercussions are endless and give enormous power to our steadily growing police state. The laws governing these issues and protecting our genetic data are very scant. As collecting DNA can be so easy, people should be made aware and vigilant of these issues.

Editor’s Note: With the advances of science in different fields, many unintended consequences must be critically considered. Our DNA is perhaps our last line of defense in our privacy rights. If we are not vigilant about this, we might be desecrating the very freedoms our heroes have fought and died for.

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