1 min readWhat it means to be co-creators of the universe

Does the universee exist because we exist? What is the significance of a participatory universe?

Who is John Archibald Wheeler and why are his ideas so instrumental in today’s world? In this article published by the Daily Galaxy, the author explores Wheeler’s notion of a participatory universe, and the centrality of the human mind in understanding the existence of a universe that has the capacity to support life.

Implications for AI

If the universe exists because we, humans, exist, then what is the purpose of our own existence? When we consider the truth behind the participatory universe, we will also begin to realize that changing our physical make up [see What Is Transhumanism to discover the philosophy and methods behind this idea], and downloading our minds to a machine [read With Minduploading There Is No Need For Religion] can readically alter the fate of the universe and the evolution it will undergo.

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