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1 min readWhat’s driving the expansion of the universe?

The following article suggests that we truly have no idea about the fundamental nature of nature, and matter.

What do we know about the force that expands the universe? Astrophysics professor Geraint Lewis explores the possible culprits in this article for The Conversation. 

In this work, Lewis shows us that despite the numerous researches in astrophysics, we know very little about how the universe expands. As it turns out, much of what we have discovered about how nature works on earth may not be generalized for the entire universe and mysteries remain. Future discoveries relating to the matter, energy, and force that has formed the universe will shake the very foundations of the story we tell about our current realities. 

Implications for AI

We once hoped to determine the stuff that makes up the entire universe. But as astronomy advances, we are beginning to realize that a huge portion of the universe is in fact, invisible, and may be ruled by different physical laws.

How then can we ever hope to create a theory of physics that explains everything? Why can’t our scientists accept the presence of the intangible human mind, when these same scientists delve in the business of speculating about dark matter, dark energy, and dark force? 

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