1 min readArtificial Intelligence: Its Benefits and Risks for the Economy

How will AI affect the economy? Will it be all for the better?

Our current civilization was built on technological innovations. From the steam engine, to electricity, the fundamental drivers of the economy has always been technology and its capacity to adapt to our changing needs. In our modern world of computer and the internet, a new kind of innovation is poised to change the very basis of our civilization.

In this article by Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee for the Harvard Business Review, they explore the beginnings of artificial intelligence, the benefits it offers and the risks we might face.

Why It Matters

History dictates that innovations that are good for the economy are not always good for the society. Is the pay-off worth it?

The Business of Artificial Intelligence

The Business of Artificial Intelligence

What it can — and cannot — do for your organization


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