1 min readWhat is regenerative capitalism?

Regenerative capitalism is a call for change of economic systems to one that puts people first. Will societies be willing to let go of their materialist mindset?

In this article for the Open Center, Michael Gelb, author of the book, The Healing Organization, talks about the need to rethink the core assumptions of capitalism. The rising issues of inequality, obesity, addiction, suicide, and indiscriminate murders, he says, are all indicators of a wounded ecosystem. The call to conscience from a population that is slowly awakening to new possibilities and increased creativity in resolving the crises of our time, is resounding. 

Implications for AI

Economic inequalities are a by-product of materialism – we once believed that by accumulating more (power, money, property) we can gain happiness. But societies are awakening to this myth, and slowly, the true purpose of economics is being rediscovered. 

AI tech has already created a massive impact on jobs and the economy. On one hand, it is a welcome change, since it will force our leaders to put people first. On the other hand, AI could only exacerbate the problem if leaders continue to operate with a business-as-usual approach. The difference depends on the consciousness of individuals involved in this change, and the willingness of societies to embrace a new reality based on the results of the new sciences.

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