1 min readHow does one let go of the fear of death?

Death is just a transition from one world to the next. It is the continuation of a journey that is no longer bound by space and time.

For the medicine men and women of the Americas, on the other side of life, there is only life. Death is simply a transition that allows us to move from one plane of existence to the next. When we have learned to see death this way, then our fear of it disappears. In this article for Open Center, Ruby Parker talks about a program she facilitates, Dying Consciously: The Greatest Journey. The goal of this program, Parker says, is to enrich our cultural experience of dying, to bring beauty, and celebrate the life of those transitioning back to the world of the spirit.

Implications for AI

Transhumanism became popular because many people are afraid of what they think death is – a deep, dark void of nothingness. But if we really consider the rationale behind the death ritual described by Parker in this article, in conjunction with what we know about consciousness, then downloading our minds to a machine no longer makes sense. Why would anyone want to be trapped in a body that never dies, never evolves, never grows, if one can continue on an adventure that is beyond time and space?

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