2 min readWhy Carl Sagan believes Reincarnation deserves serious study

In this December 14, 2021 article for The Pulse, Arjun Walia summarizes evidence showing that reincarnation is real. He gives examples of research on the subject and a resource saying that Carl Sagan, the “hard” and rigid scientist, cosmologist, astrophysicist, astrobiologist, and author, believed that reincarnation deserves a serious scientific study.

Despite the various researches on reincarnation, the topic is still shunned in academic circles because “the idea simply challenges our long-held belief systems of what we think we know and have already discovered”. Instead of allowing science to determine the truth behind paranormal events, scientists seem to be more intent on protecting against the possibility that “superstition, spiritualism, and magic” are indeed integral components of reality.

Walia cited Cassandra Vieten, President and CEO at the Institute of Noetic Science who said, “Protecting against this possibility sometimes seems more important that encouraging scientific exploration or protecting academic freedom. But this may be changing.”

Editor’s Note: Indeed, the problem with the current conduct of science is that researchers already have a fixed idea of reality and are unwilling to entertain thoughts that point to the contrary. Science has become a rigid field that has no room for creativity.

We think, however, that this rigidity is part of a long process of change. It is inevitable that humans will realize their mistake in believing that our reality is only made up of a reality that can be observed.

The problem is that the people who have power and money are stubborn believers in a universe that is imprisoned in the physical realm. And while they are slowly appreciating the existence of a quantum realm where time and space behave differently, their understanding of the phenomenon is very limited. They are not yet ready to delve into a philosophical discussion of the implications of quantum reality.

Unfortunately, their arrogance could cost us our planet. Experiments in artificial intelligence, and biological modification could have devastating impacts on human life.

This is the reason why the awakening to our bigger purpose of humanity must accelerate [See WHAT IS SUBTLE ACTIVISM?, AWAKENING TO THE TRUE HUMAN: AN ANTIDOTE TO THE DARK SCIENCE OF MODERN SOCIETY, OF ACTIVISM AND SPIRITUAL AWAKENINGS. Also read HOW PSYCHOLOGICAL TURMOIL CAN LEAD TO SPIRITUAL AWAKENING to understand how the current mental health crisis could be an indication of human awakening.]

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