2 min readDigital: Is this the kind of future you want?

In this April 2014 article for Wired, Dan Abelow explains the potential of a technology he calls “Expandiverse”.

Though digital, Abelow intends the Expandiverse as a replacement for physical reality. It offers multiple identities and realities, instead of one “short” life. He says, “For billions of people all across the Earth, yesterday’s world isn’t succeeding well enough or fixing problems fast enough. Too many are stuck, educated, aware, capable and connected — yet locked in a limited future instead of free to soar”.

Editor’s Note: The Expandiverse is no longer a dream, it is now on its path to becoming a reality, though this time, it is called a different name: the Metaverse [see META IS MAKING A MONSTER SUPERCOMPUTER FOR THE METAVERSE].

And though its promises are the same, our experience of social media and technology shows that this outlook is not as rosy as its developers want us to believe [see AUGMENTED REALITY PIONEERS WARN AGAINST METAVERSE, SAYS IT COULD BE WORSE THAN SOCIAL MEDIA].

Abelow said in his article that the Expandiverse would be used to improve the lives of all people on Earth. Even if the Expandiverse could be created so that it fulfills its intended purpose, the question is, who will be able to access this technology? Will poor countries prioritize spending for Expandiverse before they fulfill the social, economic, and political improvements their countries need?

The Expandiverse is nothing more than a diversion and an escape from a world that is full of challenges. Without challenges, will we still be able to see the meaning of life and experience the joy of living?

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