1 min readMeta Is Making a Monster Supercomputer for the Metaverse

Meta is building a new supercomputer which it hopes will be the fastest supercomputer in the world today. The report on this was written by Jason Dorrier and was published by Singularity Hub last January 26, 2022.

If this supercomputer is built, it will include 16,000 GPUs and an exabyte of storage – that’s equivalent to 36,000 years of high-quality video. It will serve 16 terabytes per second and operate at a top speed of 5 exaflops, which will outpace Meta’s current AI Research Supercluster (RSC) many times over.

Meta says they plan to use RSC to train algorithms with trillions of parameters, particularly those real-world, user-generated data from Meta’s own servers (through Facebook).

Editor’s Note: The need to create even bigger and faster computer systems is an indication of the huge amount of private data gathered by Facebook in the 15 years since its inception. It is also a signal to the fact that Big Tech companies now have more than enough data to create a version of reality where humans will want to enter, and possibly, never come back from [see How social media is shaping human societies].

It is now very clear – human-like artificial general intelligence (AGI) is possible. The only questions now are: What model of a human being will this AGI be like? Who gets to decide the characteristics of this AGI? For what purpose will this AGI be used? How can we safeguard human life and culture in the advent of AGI?

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