2 min readRay-Ban and Facebook create glasses that can capture and share media

In this September 9, 2021 article for Wired, Lauren Goode and Peter Rubin reviews the Facebook glasses, the result of a collaboration between the social media company and Ray-Ban, a world-renowned maker of sunglasses.

These wearable techs are not true Augmented Reality (AR) glasses, but they sure come close. According to Goode and Rubin, “If the ultimate goal of wearable-tech makers has been to develop something at the intersection of comfort, invisibility, and invisible data capture, then Facebook seems to have accomplished this”.

The glasses, marketed commercially as Ray-Ban Stories, are equipped with their own cameras and wireless connectivity so that its wearer can capture a photo or take a video and then send it directly to Facebook and Instagram. The glasses also have tiny tech speakers for music streaming. The glasses look exactly like the usual Ray-Ban sunglasses so most people would not notice the difference.

Because of the glasses’ capacity for invisible data capture, the authors say that this could be a bane for privacy. They said: “How are people not going to use this technology to create sensitive, violent, or otherwise controversial content?…How much data does Facebook get when you capture video on these glasses and share it through the stand-alone Facebook View app?”

Editor’s Note: All the questions raised by the authors of the article attached below are valid and are very important. Our years of experience with Facebook has shown how intrusive the company has been with our personal data, and how they use our own data against us [for examples, see Facebook will suppress “political” content, Judge approves $650M settlement of privacy lawsuit against Facebook, Facebook upgrades AI to control COVID-19 misinformation and hate speech, Facebook isn’t about free speech] . Do we really want to surrender even more of our data to the company for the chance to wear a “novel” product?

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