2 min readFacebook’s use policies are for everyone, except the elites

The following article was written by Jeff Horowitz and was published by The Wall Street Journal. It was republished by Fox Business last September 13, 2021.

The report reveals that Facebook has instituted a system, called XCheck, that exempted its high profile users from the company’s rules. Unlike the general users of the platform, VIP accounts are white listed, and hence, are immune from the company’s acceptable use policy. This exemption has allowed high profile accounts to post rule-violating material which could contain harassment, incitement to violence, and others that would normally lead to sanctions for regular users.

According to confidential documents from the company, there are at least 5.8 million VIP users included in XCheck in 2020.

Editor’s Note: If the role of Facebook is to really ensure that the content on their platform is safe for “general consumption”, why does it have different rules for VIPs and another for regular users? This discovery is proof that Facebook’s system is riddled with flaws, and that despite their “highly advanced” AI, they do not have the moral ascendancy to be trusted as a gatekeeper of information. It is once again, a reminder that Facebook’s has never been accountable to the public.

Time and time again, these flaws become revealed to the public, and despite the many pledges it has made to the US Congress, Facebook has done very little to correct the platforms’ many problems. To date, Facebook continues to reap in huge profits despite the damages it has, and continues to cause our societies. Will governments ever stand up to make it the company accountable? [Facebook has had many issues over the years. Read FACEBOOK JUST HAD A DATA BREACH, BUT ITS READY TO RELEASE A NEW PRODUCT, FACEBOOK IS WORSE THAN FACEAPP, FACEBOOK ISN’T ABOUT FREE SPEECH, FACEBOOK PLANS FOR MIND READING DEVICE LEAKED IN AUDIO RECORDING, FACEBOOK WILL SUPPRESS “POLITICAL” CONTENT].

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