1 min readFacebook plans for mind reading device leaked in audio recording

Facebook wants to read your mind.

In this December 16, 2020 article for The Independent, Anthony Cuthbertson reports on Facebook’s plans to release a mind-reading device.

The information comes from a leaked audio recording of a company meeting obtained by Buzzfeed News. According to Cuthbertson, Facebook’s chief technology officer Mike Schroepfer spoke about how a “neural sensor would translate people’s thoughts into computer commands, such as typing or holding a virtual object in a video game”.

In his article, Cuthbertson continues to discuss the already available technologies that will make the building of a mind-reading device possible.

Editor’s Note: Big Tech has learned the power of engineering human behavior. First they did it through algorithms, now they plan to do it by learning what exactly goes on in our minds. Imagine how much control they will have over our civilizations if they can “hear” our most private thoughts.

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