2 min readHuman augmentation: Making your brain hackable

In this article, Dr. Joseph Mercola highlights a May 2021 project of the UK Ministry of Defense and the German Bundeswehr Office for Defense Planning which plans hopes to prioritize human augmentation. The project document entitled “Human Augmentation — The Dawn of a New Paradigm, a Strategic Implications Project” stresses that human augmentation is the key to winning future wars.

In his article, Mercola expounds on these words contained in the report: “Human augmentation has the potential to … change the meaning of what it means to be a human.” Reminds us that when our brains are enabled to connect to the cloud, it will become “accessible to people who might like to tinker with your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and behavior, be they the technocratic elite themselves or random hackers”. This will make real a prediction made in 2019 by Yuval Noah Harrari: “humans are now hackable animals.”

Editor’s Note: We encourage you to read the entire article to fully understand the implications of the UK-German project on human augmentation. As Mercola has noted, this has the potential to create a separate class of humans, “with the rich and powerful elite being augmented ‘super-humans’” [Also read: TRANSHUMANISM: IMMORTALITY FOR THOSE WHO CAN AFFORD IT].

Emerging from a world plunged into crisis and an even deeper state of poverty, conversations, and projects that could cause further marginalization of developing countries and their people is dangerous. What future is there for countries which are still struggling to provide for their people’s basic needs and which have no technological capacity to develop cyborgs? However, will they be able to protect their independence and sovereignty?

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