1 min readThere will be no human-centered AI without humane economics

The article argues that achieving human-centered artificial intelligence (AI) requires a shift towards “humane economics.” It highlights the importance of considering human welfare and well-being in the development and deployment of AI technologies. The author suggests that traditional economic models focused solely on efficiency and profit may not align with the goals of human-centered AI. Instead, a more humane approach to economics should prioritize values such as equity, sustainability, and human dignity. By integrating humane economics into AI development, the article contends that society can ensure that AI technologies serve human interests and contribute to a more inclusive and equitable future.

Editor’s Note: How can we have human-centered AI when we can’t even solve the alignment problem? [See UNDERSTANDING THE AI ALIGNMENT PROBLEM, NATE SOARES ON THE AI ALIGNMENT PROBLEM]. As long as we do not know the direction we want to create for society, as long as there are powerful people who advocate for replacing people with robots, then it would be impossible to talk about a humane AI.

This is why this article is important. Perhaps, humane economics may be easier to achieve. We sure hope so [Also read CREATING A GLOBAL ETHIC].

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