2 min readAI Experts Are Concerned With Mark Zuckerberg’s Plan To Build An AGI

Meta will join OpenAI and other tech giants in the race to build Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), Meta chief Mark Zuckerberg announced on Instagram.

Zuckerberg said, “Our long-term vision is to build general intelligence, open source it responsibly, and make it available so everyone can benefit”, referring to the prospect of making the AGI model open-sourced. But several critics are saying that Zuckerberg’s plan is “irresponsible”. Experts and politicians around the world fear that such a system “could evade human control and threaten humanity”.

Dame Wendy Hall expressed the concern quite succinctly. She says, “The thought of open source AGI being released before we have worked out how to regulate these very powerful AI systems is very scary”.

Experts assert that open-sourcing an AGI system was a decision that should not be left in the hands of a tech company.

Editor’s Note: Once an AGI is created, it will only be a matter of months (perhaps even shorter!) before artificial superintelligence is created [Read Nicanor’s book on AI]. Who knows what might come after?

It isn’t just the open-sourced AGI that experts should fear, but rather the careless AI development that has no regard for its potential impact on our civilization. [See Elon Musk Launches Grok, A New AI with Few Guard Rails].

Consider this: apart from the alignment problem, there is also the very real threat of the collapse of the power grid if AI developers continue down this path. If Meta and OpenAI were to push forward with the creation of AGI, governments would have to choose between the AGI system and sustaining the energy needs of our society. Can you imagine what might happen when governments start to ration electricity because of this? But that’s just the beginning. Who knows what other choices governments must make, to keep AGI systems running [see this article from our sister website Understanding The Great Reset and Its Attack on Humanity: Part 1 and Understanding The Great Reset and Its Attack on Humanity, Part 2: How the Different Attacks Reinforce Each Other].

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