2 min readAI Experts Write Open Letter To Governments Urging the Creation of an International AI Treaty

The statement calls for governments worldwide to address the potentially catastrophic risks posed by advanced artificial intelligence (AI) systems, including threats from misuse, systemic risks, and loss of control. It advocates for the development and ratification of an international AI treaty to mitigate these risks and ensure AI benefits everyone.

Leading experts, including Yoshua Bengio, Max Tegmark, Jaan Tallinn, and Tristan Harris have voiced concerns about AI risks, and there’s a growing consensus among AI researchers on the need for caution.

The proposed treaty would include components such as global compute thresholds, a collaborative AI safety laboratory, safe APIs, and a compliance commission. The statement emphasizes the need for widespread international agreement and compares the potential role of the treaty to create an international agency much like the International Atomic Energy Agency which manages nuclear risks.

It urges active engagement from the international community and proposes the formation of a working group to develop a blueprint for the treaty, emphasizing the collective responsibility to ensure AI is developed safely and responsibly for the benefit of humanity.

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