2 min readThis is how the FBI uses AI to identify, track, and round up dissidents

In this article for the Rutherford Institute, John Whitehead and Nisha Whitehead reveals how apps have helped the FBI find the individuals who took part of the Capitol Hill riots.

According to the authors, the swiftness of identifying, tracking, and rounding up of suspected dissidents is a product of years of the government’s amassing of surveillance tools which monitored social media, tracked and identified individuals using their cell phone’s signals, and facial recognition technology. The authors also reveal that the government now has the technology to “identify potential extremists and predict who might engage in future acts of anti-government behavior”.

Editor’s Note: The Capitol Hill riots has revealed to us just how much surveillance power they have over Americans (and possibly other countries too!) This article reiterates the importance of data privacy. Institutions that gain access to our digital trails gain the power to control our lives.

The Cambridge Analytica-Facebook scandal disclosed to the public in 2018 opened our eyes to the extent of power that Big Tech has in disrupting our democratic systems [see How Facebook is using your data, why you should be concerned]. Three years since, now in the age of COVID, we are seeing the results of the government’s inaction. Big Tech has total control over the content in their platforms and they are actively pushing propaganda that is anti-human. The good news is that, people are now awakened to the dangers of the unlimited influence of social media, and the corrupt practices of mainstream media. The pushback has began, but the challenge ahead will not be easy.

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