1 min readResearchers Believe It’s Possible To Become Immortal

A concrete plan for technological resurrection is now here.

In this March 11, 2021 article for Nerdist, author Matthew Hart talks about the “roadmap to immortality” developed by transhumanists Alexey Turchin and Maxim Chernyakov. In the paper, which was first published by Popular Mechanics was entitled “Classification of Approached To Technological Resurrection”. It detailed how a super intelligent AI powered by Dyson spheres could make resurrection possible.

Editor’s Note: This article clearly illustrates the transhumanist plan for the future – everlasting life through the help of technology. Everything we have been saying since 2007 is now here. And while there is no proof that the artificial super intelligence (ASI) mentioned in the article works, the dangers of this technology is very real.

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