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2 min readTechnology will dehumanize all humans into digital assets

In this article for his own website, investigative reporter Leo Hohmann looks to current news to show how globalists are manipulating world systems aimed at the digitalization of the human being. He says that the quest begins with the imposition of digital certificates, which can then pave the way for a new international economic order that is tied to a cashless society and digital currencies. He goes on to explain how humans will be turned into a digital asset of central banks, where the value of each individual will be measured and assessed based on how they act within the society (through a social credit score).

According to Hohmann, no industry will escape this digitalization, and he predicts that if there will be no major outcries against this move, a completely cashless system will be in place within three to five years. First, he says, the transition will be voluntary, but as more people shift towards the digital economy, those who still use cash will not be able to take part in economic activities. To back up his claims, Hohmann goes on to summarize current headlines which points towards the creation of this “Brave New World” (an allusion to the dystopian book of the same title written by Aldous Huxley).

Though stopping a digitalized future seems hopeless, there is something we can do to prepare for a life that is self-sustaining. He offers these for five recommendations:

  1. Deactivate Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube.
  2. Learn how to grow your own food.
  3. Get to know your neighbors.
  4. Join a food co-op in your community.
  5. Get right with God.

Editor’s Note: Everyday when we wake up, the first thing that comes to mind is a question: how is the chaos in the world today, shaping our societies towards an interconnected, interdependent future? What is the role must play today in order to give birth to a future that is nourishing and life giving?

When faced with a force that degrades human dignity, we have found it necessary to utilize the lessons of the post-materialist sciences to reframe our view of the future. It is what keeps us going.

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