About Us


To inform humanity of what it means to be really human in the age of radical disruptive technologies and artificial intelligence and inspire human beings worldwide to nurture their true humanity in whatever initiative or work they may find themselves in. We want to become a platform that emphasizes all dimensions of a human being by:

  • Collecting existing articles, books, and events related to AI and the human being,
  • Inviting others to write their own articles and publish it on this web site,
  • Documenting working groups around the world, and
  • Publishing our own articles.

We aim to build on existing research about AI and the human being, and exhibit a careful openness toward points of views that go beyond the current scientific paradigm. We want to make people aware of the impact of AI on our lives and the risks of ignoring what it is and how it is evolving, to promote and stimulate the Civil Society for the creation of discussion groups in every city and Country, to supply them with abundant rich material on this web site to support their discussions and action plans.


To conduct research on the full human potential and the latest developments in radical technologies and artificial intelligence.

To use the results of this research to encourage the formation worldwide of and network with decentralized groups that would form and take action around the themes of the real human, radical technologies, and artificial intelligence.


We are citizens of Planet Earth. We come from all walks of life. We come from different parts of the world. While we are fully appreciative of the benefits that AI can bring, we want to make sure that these benefits do not come at the expense of humans. We will awaken and defend the truly human. We will also nurture all humans not to be simply traditional humans, nor radical machine-human hybrids (cyborgs) but to be trully human in the full sense of the word.

We are professionals. We come from different professions. What unites us is our concern and passion to enable all individuals to discover their fully humanity. What also unites us is our will to transform AI to serve humanity instead of disrupting society and ultimately destroying our civilization.

It is not important who we really are. Some of us are well known. Others prefer to be quiet, staying in the background, but very supportive. What is more important is the message that we bring, not the collective reputations that we have. We expect all humans to make their own reflections and decisions regarding the role and the future of artificial intelligence in our society. We are in totally unchartered territory in the long history of the human sojourn on this planet. This may be our last age on this planet unless we act – decisively and collectively.