1 min readThe three developments in AI that can change health care

This article summarizes the three developments in AI that could radically change the health care industry. Are these true benefits, or could they have a negative effect on humans?

Some Important Points

  • An AI-powered robot passed the China’s National Medical Licensing Examination, garnering a score of 456 – 100 points higher than the passing rate.
  • Researchers at Stanford University has an AI algorithm that can diagnose 14 medical conditions simply by looking at a person’s x-ray images.
  • NVIDIA and General Electric are partnering to develop AI which will be implemented in the medical devices produced by GE.

Questions to Ponder Upon

How will these developments impact the health care industry in general? What room will there be for human medical practitioners as more and more AI will be utilized for diagnoses, treatment, and other health care services?

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