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2 min readMind Uploading Is Still Science Fiction

The article explores the concept of uploading human minds to computers, discussing whether it’s scientifically plausible or purely science fiction. It delves into the challenges and complexities involved in such a process, highlighting the intricacies of human consciousness and the limitations of current technology in replicating it.

While advancements in artificial intelligence and brain-computer interfaces are acknowledged, the article emphasizes the vast gap between replicating brain functions and capturing the essence of consciousness.

It concludes that while the idea of uploading minds to computers may be enticing, it remains a speculative concept with numerous philosophical, ethical, and technological hurdles to overcome.

Editor’s Note: Transhumanists will find it difficult to accept that mind uploading is far from reality. Even if AI developers succeed in uploading a person’s memories on a computer, it is no guarantee that the computer will understand the context and interconnections between the various memories. Surely, computers will not be able to factor in how emotions may have affected how memory has been stored.

Aside from this, being able to recall a memory is not a guarantee that a computer will be able to replicate the human being from which the memory comes from. Transhumanists cannot yet rely on mind uploading as a path towards immortality.

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