1 min readCan Superintelligence enhance our Spirituality?

Will it count as a spiritual advancement if we humans are successful in using technology to increase our intelligence? Theologian Ted Peters used a simple yet impeccable standard – love. His answer is no.

There is no internal moral compass in intelligence on its own, regardless of whether it is what we are born with or what artificial intelligence or intelligence amplification replaces. Christian spirituality places a higher priority on love than intelligence because love directs our attention to God, our neighbor’s well-being, and the greater good. Our heightened intelligence must be directed toward loving God and our neighbor with all of our hearts, minds, and souls if we are to progress spiritually.

Editor’s Note: The rise of artificial intelligence has in fact reduced our capacity to experience meaningful social relationships with the advancement of virtual reality. No amount of data and algorithms can make us go out of ourselves and our ego to strive for the greater good. The depth of love and self-sacrifice could never be quantified or programmed. [Read WILL THERE BE SPIRITUALITY IN AN AGE OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE?, AI IS AN IDEOLOGY, NOT TECHNOLOGY, AWAKENING TO THE TRUE HUMAN: AN ANTIDOTE TO THE DARK SCIENCE OF MODERN SOCIETY].

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