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World-renowned Doctor Deepak Chopra explains why science is ultimately spiritual and vice versa. Despite attempts to reconcile science with the ancient history of spirituality, an utterly unneeded abyss stands between them. Dr. Chopra resolves this by saying that all reality is just one reality. Science varies from spirituality in its way of describing what is real. If this is the case, combining science and spirituality is not merely a choice. They must get along. If not, both sides have failed to grasp reality.

He shows a way to combine the two theories based on the brain, which they both share. Whether one is a physicist or a mystic, the brain determines how one perceives the cosmos. So, how does the brain categorize knowledge? By capturing photos of Nature in this way, science understands that things with names are actually phenomena.

A phenomenon is a dynamic, continuous process. The phenomena that make up any item, whether it is a heart cell or the formation of a star, are well recognized. Chemical processes in biology can also be explained by quantum processes. This knowledge also applies to the brain because it is a physical item, much like a quark that enters and exits the quantum field thousands of times each second.

The entire universe can be reduced to phenomena winking in and out of the quantum field, so where does the field come from? According to Einstein, the field must originate from a state that exists before all objects, and as time and space are inextricably tied to objects, finding the field’s origin also entails finding the beginnings of time, space, matter, and the energy that makes up matter. Thus, it ultimately touches base with the spiritual.

Editor’s Note: This article gives us a scientific explanation of how materialism connects with spirituality. For a narration of an actual experience of the so-called “field” spiritual atheist Alan Lightman shares his actual experience of the transcendent in this link: https://www.sciencefocus.com/the-human-body/fact-and-faith-why-science-and-spirituality-are-not-incompatible/

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