1 min readWill there be spirituality in an age of artificial intelligence?

Here is a theological perspective investigating the spirituality of the future. The author analyzes Singularity, artificial intelligence (AI), and how it compels human beings to rise to high spirituality or suffer immeasurable loss. He examines philosophical underpinnings, implications for awareness and free will, and compatibility with theological conceptions of “eschata”. Kurzweil’s technological environment of AI augmented humans, and spiritual machines are all taken into consideration. The author argues that the advances in scientific knowledge spur the human to also advance in spirituality, and in our capacity to forgive and to love.

Editor’s Note: This work is comprehensive and the discussions are crucial. While it is true that the advances in scientific knowledge compel us to develop our spirituality, the current challenges of AI, singularity, and the problems of our age are all so real that extinction is a distinct possibility. The problem is: which will come first – the revival of our spirituality and healing of our souls, or the automation or even the destruction of the human race?

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