1 min readCan we prepare ourselves for the post-human era?

This paper, written by Vernor Binge, entitled, “The Coming Technological Singularity: How to Survive in the Post-Human Era” is a seminal work outlining the possible guidelines for human beings to survive the inevitable – the creation of super-intelligent machines and entities. The implications are astounding. How can we survive the coming of the human cyborg? How can we adapt to exponential changes transforming all aspects of our lives? How can we adjust to the coming of super-intelligent robots? He discusses the possibilities of human and AI partnerships in sports, art, and designs as well as the implications of indefinitely prolonging human life.

Editor’s Note: The author poses more questions than answers and rightly so. All the technological questions will all be answered since they only ask the “How”. The most important questions of “Why” should be answered by us. Even super-intelligent robots will not have sufficient answers for the “why” questions. Programmed responses will only be superficial. We have to answer the why questions ourselves for they are directed to the depths and heights of our being human.

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