1 min readHow can AI and transhumanism make us forget the best and the highest gifts of being human?

This talk by Shaikh Kabir at the Science and Non-Duality Conference pinpoints how our deepest and highest capacities as human beings can be reduced and devalued. He defines spirituality as our ability to experience ever more subtle levels of truth and beauty. This would be overshadowed by algorithms and the religion of dataism where human depth is replaced by mere data calculations.

Transcendence, conscience, selfless sacrifice, moral striving, subjective experiences of human relationships, and meaning will all be reduced to statistics, cold calculation, and the operations of a commercialized market controlled by the few. Kabir dissects all these processes of dehumanization and challenges us to further advance our humanity in contemplation of our mortal existence. He also pushes us to align ourselves with the loftiest ideals of what it means to be fully human and aligned with the cosmological order.

Editor’s Note: The religion of dataism which is inherent in Transhumanism is changing the very fabric of our humanity. If we are not fully conscious of the rapid changes happening to our species, we will sacrifice the quality of our being human to the quantification of robot-like existence. The drive of materialism is reducing us this much and the ultimate challenge is to bring forth the best of what it means to be human. This can be seen in our capacity to sacrifice beyond self-interest, experience the depths of human emotion, and reach out to the highest callings of the spirit.

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