1 min readThis pandemic is showing us who we really are

The way we respond to this pandemic shows us what kind of future we can expect.

The COVID-19 pandemic is a dress rehearsal for things to come, and the way we respond to it today shows the future of our societies. 

In this article for The Guardian, Francesca Melandri mirrors to us our individual responses, and in the process helps us understand how each response affects our fellows. Through this work, she helps us create distance between our own emotions and belief systems in the hope of opening our eyes to the enormity of suffering which was already happening in the world way before the pandemic started. 

Editor’s Note: The pandemic has illicited in us very strong fear-based reactions. And as we begin to encounter the greater impact brought about by the lockdowns, it has become difficult to think objectively and act compassionately. 

This is why Melandri’s article is important. any opportunity for self-reflection is a welcome change to the narrative of self-preservation. It is an opportunity to see the “other”, and hopefully, a fire starter for the creation of societies ruled by equality and true justice.

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