1 min readQuantum physics and being human

Like any normal human being, Dr. Amit Goswami went through a phase of questioning the life he led. Out of this questioning, a “happy physics” was born.

Below you will find a transcript of an interview between physicist Amit Goswami and Ian McNay of Conscious TV. In this interview, Dr. Goswami talks about his motivation for introducing a quantum physics that can be applied to practical life, as well as the struggles he had to undergo in order to do so. He also talks about how he thinks that consciousness is at the center of all things, and attempts to explain his idea using concepts in quantum physics.

Implications for AI

If physics is the source of truth of matter, and physicists like Amit Goswami shows us that matter is organized by consciousness, what does it tell us about our conception of reality? What does it tell us about humans, which has a consciousness that allows it to see, observes, and change itself?

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