1 min readWhat is the connection between 5G and the coronavirus?

The following article written by Makia Freeman last February 19, 2020 explores the interconnections between 5G and the coronavirus. He looks at the events preceding the declaration of the pandemic (Event 201 which simulated the possible response scenarios for a pandemic scenario, in this case, a coronavirus), and the information we already know about DNA manipulation and 5G technology. He cites various experts who confer that 5G is a bioweapon, and that it can cause flu-like symptoms, as well as weaken people’s immune systems – symptoms which are now associated with COVID-19.

Editor’s Note: When Freeman’s article was released in February, it was met criticism, not only from governments and telecommunications networks, but from anti-5G advocates as well.

Now that we know more about the truths and anomalies surrounding the coronavirus, it is helpful to look back and see how much of what he said back in February now checks out.

Mandatory vaccination is within our midst. Increased surveillance and transition to digital economies are a reality. Censorship is widespread. And the motivation to hype and to downplay are now playing out. Whether 5G is truly the cause of the coronavirus symptoms or not, one thing is clear: the assault against humanity is underway. It is now time to fight back.

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