1 min readOpen AI’s philospher AI will answer existential questions but will say nothing on controversial issues

Can this computer-based philosophers finally replace dialogue with other human beings?

Philosopher AI is a new experiment on prompt engineering and will unreluctantly answer some of the most common existential questions. But ask it to give its opinion on more controversial issues, and will offer a rebuff.

Programmer Murat Ayfer says that this is because the system has no specific opinion or knowledge of its own. It merely mimics opinions, but whose opinion it mimics remains undisclosed.

Editor’s Note: Reading Philosopher AI’s responses to Thomas Macaulay, author of the article attached below, it is clear that the system is mimicking an individual who subscribes to a materialist worldview.

This AI may sound like it is intelligent, and indeed for younger, impressionable individuals, it may appear so. This is what makes this AI dangerous. Because it is easily accessible, it is bound to impose its characterless ideas to individuals who are only beginning to explore the world.

Our study of the human mind and unified consciousness shows us humans exist for a reason, and that there is an existence beyond the physical. This kind of information and idea can only be realized in interaction with fellow humans and nature. Computer-based philosophers should never be used to replace dialogue with other human beings.

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