1 min readAI can now manipulate human behavior

This article was written by Jon Whittle and was published by The Conversation last February 11, 2021. In it, Whittle reports on the results of a recent study showing how AI can “learn to identify vulnerabilities in human habits and behaviors and use them to influence human decision-making”.

Whittle says that the results of this research have various applications, from “behavioral sciences and public policy to improve social welfare, to understanding and influencing how people adopt healthy eating habits or renewable energy. AI and machine learning could be used to recognize people’s vulnerabilities in certain situations and help them to steer away from poor choices.”

Editor’s Note: While Whittle wants us to believe that this new AI capacity will only be used for good, we know that there are so many ways it can be used for wrong.

We have all seen how tech has captured the minds of people, even without a real capacity for “persuasion” [see SILICON VALLEY REFUSENIKS: TECHNOLOGY IS HIJACKING YOUR BRAIN, WHAT CAN YOU DO TO CURE TECH ADDICTION?].

Can you imagine what can happen when tech developers get their hands on an AI that can proactively shape human behavior? Can we really say that this will not be used as a tool for mind control?

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