1 min readDid CRISPR Just Crack The Human Code?

In this June 20, 2022 article for Singularity Hub, Shelly Fan reports on the results of new research conducted by Drs. Thomas Norman and Jonathan Weissman.

Fan, Norman, and Weissman have effectively built a Rosetta Stone for translating genotypes to phenotypes with the help of CRISPR. They have decided what each gene actually does.

Editor’s Note: It is clear that reductionist science is progressing in discovering how the human body works, but will they be able to use this new knowledge to create a new version of the human body as the transhumanists want? [See THE 2045 MOVEMENT AND THE MANY PATHS TOWARDS HUMAN IMMORTALITY].

Time and time again, we have seen how scientists thought they had the human body figured out, only to be shocked once again by a “miraculous” new capacity they haven’t considered before. We have no doubts that this new research will change the biological and medical sciences. But will this change benefit all humans? Will it help achieve the “good life”? [Also read THE INTERNET OF BODIES AND THE BATTLE FOR OUR GENES, THE TRANSHUMANIST DREAM: FOR HUMANS TO BECOME COMPUTERS, RADICAL LIFE EXTENSION IS NOT MEANT FOR EVERYBODY].

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