1 min readBig Tech Wants to Regulate Information on Climate Change

Climate change will become the next censorship target for Big Tech companies. The report on this was written by Didi Rankovic and published by Reclaim the Net last November 2, 2021.

According to Rankovic, Big Tech companies are now firming up plans on censorship of climate denialism, as well as the promotion of “climate change as a legitimate theory, that comes from authoritative sources”.

Rankovic says that Google and YouTube have already demonetized climate deniers. Meanwhile, Facebook has set up the Climate Science Center in 2020. The social media platform has also started placing informational labels on posts directing people to get their information about climate change from the Climate Science Center.

Editor’s Note: While we agree that we must care for the Earth and drastic measures must be made to ensure its health and vitality for future generations, we question the need for Big Tech companies to censor and regulate ideas about climate change.

Are adults today unable to discern what is right and what is wrong that external forces need to show them how to think? Or is this a mere attempt to push a certain agenda in relation to climate change? [See CENSORSHIP HAS NO PLACE IN A FREE SOCIETY. Also, read HOW CENSORSHIP WORKS, FACEBOOK WILL SUPPRESS “POLITICAL” CONTENT, DECENTRALIZATION URGENT: BIG TECH IS CONDEMNING FREE SPEECH, FACEBOOK UPGRADES AI TO CONTROL COVID-19 MISINFORMATION AND HATE SPEECH, WHISTLEBLOWER SAYS THAT GOOGLE IS A HIGHLY BIASED, POLITICAL MACHINE].

Now the bigger question is: what is their agenda for controlling information regarding climate change?

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