2 min readQuantum Entanglement May Explain the Mind Existing as a Field Separate From the Brain

The following article was written by Tara Macisaac and was published by The Epoch Times last June 16, 2022.

Here, Macisaac reports on a hypothesis made by Dr. Dirk K.F. Meijer which states that “consciousness resides in a field surrounding the brain, a field which lies in another dimension”.

Meijer says that this “other dimension” shares information with the brain through quantum entanglement, where particles appear to be connected despite vast distances between them [see BIRDS AND QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENT, HUMAN MAGNETISM, ORGANISMS ARE QUANTUM MACHINES, WHY EVERYONE WITH A POSTMATERIALIST MINDSET SHOULD UNDERSTAND THE QUANTUM WORLDVIEW, QUANTUM PHYSICS CAN HELP BIOLOGY ANSWER LIFE’S BIGGEST QUESTIONS].

Meijer adds that the mental field is both physical and non-physical. He says, “The proposed mental workspace is regarded to be non-material, but in relation to the individual brain, entertains a non-dual wave/particle relation according to quantum physical principles: it is directly dependent on the brain physiology but not reducible to it.”

Editor’s Note: Could this be the solution to the hard problem of consciousness? [See THE CONSCIOUSNESS WAGER and THE QUEST FOR CONSCIOUSNESS].

Theoretically, this might work, and perhaps future scientific endeavors might want to design quantum studies to test this hypothesis. Regardless of what the future direction of research might be, the fact remains: consciousness is not a function of the brain. [See WHEN PHYSICAL DAMAGE IN THE BRAIN LEADS TO ENRICHED CONSCIOUSNESS, WHY MATERIALISM CANNOT EXPLAIN CONSCIOUSNESS, MATERIALIST THEORIES OF CONSCIOUSNESS IS NOT PLAUSIBLE].

If consciousness is non-physical, then the transhumanist dream of “immortality” and conscious robots might never be achieved [see Google’s LaMDA Has Exposed How Little We Know Of Consciousness And The Human Mind, The 2045 Movement And The Many Paths Towards Human Immortality].

Could this be the reason why transhumanists are now attempting to “migrate” human life to a digital world? [See WEF Launches Metaverse, Predicts Digital Lives Will Become More Meaningful Than Physical Lives].

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