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1 min readBirds and quantum entanglement

How do birds navigate? Why is it important for us to know?

How exactly are birds able to navigate using the Earth’s magnetic field? Scientists believe that our avian relatives may be tapping into quantum mechanics.

In this article published by PBS, author Katherine Wu talks about the role of quantum entanglement in avian navigation, how it is produced, and the factors interrupt such a connection.

Implications for AI

This article shows us that quantum entanglement does not only exist in laboratories [read How Quantum Physics Has Revealed And Addressed The Problems Of Materialistic Science to know how quantum mechanics changed our view of reality] – it also exists in the real world. It can help explain “mysterious” phenomena such as avian navigation, but with AI as a backdrop, quantum entanglement can mean greater things.

For one, it explains the untapped ability of humans to “know” with certainty, as if truth lives in their bodies, and not just their brain. It can explain many paranormal capacities which are often touted as a hoax. If we thoroughly study how quantum entanglement in humans, for sure, we will realize new amazing capabilities previously thought to be impossible.

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