2 min readWhat really makes you ill?

This work by Dawn Lester and David Parker is so powerful, it can overhaul entire medical systems.

In December 2019, Dawn Lester and David Parker released their book entitled What Really Makes You Ill? Why Everything You Though You Knew About Disease Is Wrong. The book is a culmination of almost a decade of research on the real reasons for disease. The authors looked at paper trails and various evidences, and was able to conclude, through their own research, that there are only four main reasons for illness: lack of nutrition, toxic intake, high levels of sustained stress, and electromagnetic radiation. Lester and Parker also shows how allopathic medicine has been highjacked by pharmaceutical companies.

In this 2-hour companion video, Lester and Parker, through an interview with DJ Mark Devlin, discusses why viruses cannot be the cause of disease, as well as the many lies that has been proliferated to keep people afraid. The authors explains that germ theory has never been proven, but people have come to accept it as a truth simply because it has been repeated often enough. If the germ theory is superceded by a better theory of disease which is based on a real understanding of the human body, then people will realize that there is no need for vaccines and drugs to “boost the immune system”.

Editor’s Note: Released before the lockdowns were imposed in the world, this work by Lester and Parker offers some of the most important evidences to over rule the entire medical industry.

Watch the video below to get an overview of their work, but we highly encourage that your read their book to find the exact evidences they have perused in their research.

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