1 min readVandana Shiva on the Gates empire: There will be no commons, no public good, no shared values

What is the connection between Big Tech, Big Ag, Big Pharma, and Big Food?

In this February 8, 2021 conversation between Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Vandana Shiva, they talk about the new feudalism being perpetuated by Bill Gates and his rich friends. Shiva talks about how the fight fort the seed and the soul is also the fight for the soul of culture. She says, “we are fighting for the soil and the soul of India, because if there weren’t farmers, this civilization is dead.”

Shiva goes deeper into the systematic destruction of our shared values as humanity. She says, “we are witnessing both the patterns of the old colonization of 500 years…he’s using that old mindset, of course he’s using new tools…this is an empire over life”.

Editor’s Note: This interview was conducted in the midst of widespread farmer protests in India and the discovery that Bill Gates is now the largest owner of farmland in the US. It is an eye-opener to the deep-seated interconnections between Big Tech, Big Pharma, Big Agriculture, and Big Food, and their agenda for highjacking humanity.

But more than the gloomy outlook for the future, this interview also shows to us the power we can gain from the new sciences and the acknowledgement that we are connected to the land, and to each other. Despite fighting against environmental crimes, we see clearly that Shiva and Kennedy are hopeful for the future because they are seeing that people are awakening to their true potential.

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