3 min readEAs, E/Accs, Decels, and Doomers: The Ideologies Fighting For The Soul and Future of AI

In this December 7, 2023 article, Charlie Guo gives us an overview of the various ideologies attempting to explain the future of AI. Guo introduces us to a movement of individuals who are concerned about AI safety – Effective Altruism or EA. Guo defines EA as “an ideological movement that uses evidence and reason to identify the most effective ways to benefit others”. In the case of AI, they are the same people who are pushing for increased government regulation.

Another movement, called the Effective Accelerationists (e/accs) believes in the need to bring technocapital singularity as fast as possible. They believe that “we should intensify capitalist growth, technological change, and societal destabilization”. The e/accs believe that the next evolution of consciousness will be in silicon-based awareness.

And then there are the Decels, a name given by the e/accs to those who oppose them. They are those who campaigning to slow down AI development. The last group is called the Doomers, those who believe that AIs pose an existential threat to humanity and should be tightly regulated. The difference between EA and Doomers is that Doomers have been campaigning for pauses in AI development, while EAs continue developing AI as they campaign for government regulations.

Editor’s Note: This article is important because it shows the various viewpoints that dominate the AI development community. That AI can evolve into something more than what it was intended to do is acknowledged by this article and the very people who are developing AI. What remains to be seen is whether it can evolve to improve human life, or to extinguish it.

We might call the e/accs as the transhumanists – individuals who believe that they can create a new life form that has super intelligence, super intelligence, and is immortal. They want to replace the human body with a silicon body. Many of the initiatives we are seeing today are product of transhumanism – the replacement of human body parts with robotic counterparts, virtual reality, etc. [see AUGMENTED REALITY PIONEERS WARN AGAINST METAVERSE, SAYS IT COULD BE WORSE THAN SOCIAL MEDIA., WEF LAUNCHES METAVERSE, PREDICTS DIGITAL LIVES WILL BECOME MORE MEANINGFUL THAN PHYSICAL LIVES, JEFF BEZO’S STARTUP HIRES TOP SCIENTISTS TO DEFEAT DEATH., THE 2045 MOVEMENT AND THE MANY PATHS TOWARDS HUMAN IMMORTALITY, THE TRANSHUMANIST DREAM: FOR HUMANS TO BECOME COMPUTERS]

But as another article on this website shows us, RADICAL LIFE EXTENSION IS NOT MEANT FOR EVERYBODY. There are the chosen ones, those who have accumulated money and power. And then there are the dispensables, the useless eaters, those who must be kept “entertained” until they are needed as part of the workforce, or for experimentation [see THE THREE EPOCHS OF HUMAN EVOLUTION].

We encourage you to read this article to understand the dangers of AI. Also, read BEING HUMAN IN THE AGE OF TECHNOLOGY to learn how we can fight back.

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