1 min readThe philosophical journey of liberty: from Antiquity to the Age of Revolution

The article explores the historical development of the concept of liberty, tracing its roots from antiquity to the present day. It highlights how different philosophers, such as Aristotle, Cicero, and John Locke, have contributed to the understanding of liberty, focusing on concepts like natural rights and limited government. The article underscores the importance of this philosophical journey in shaping modern ideas of liberty and individual freedoms.

Editor’s Note: The long history behind the study of liberty and freedom is proof that this has always been the hallmark of humanity. There are those who would like to redefine it, subsuming individual freedom to what is “beneficial” to the greater society (Hello 2020 lockdowns!).

But we must highlight these words: “Liberty is intrinsically tied to human dignity”. Without human dignity, there can be no liberty. We encourage you to read the article below and to gain a deeper understanding of what freedom is, according to the world’s greatest philosophers.

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