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Quantum physicist Richard Feynman reminds us that ignorance and doubt are valuable in scientific endeavors.

In this 2013 article for Brain Pickings, author Maria Popova introduces to us a very different idea concerning the role of scientists. This new idea which originated from quantum physicist Richard Feynman, highlights the need for a scientist to live with the questions, to continue to learn what we can, to improve solutions, and pass on both the questions and the solutions to the next generation. It is the responsibility of scientists to provide future generations with the freedom to explore their own answers for timeless questions – this, according to Feynman, is at the core of the struggle to “make” science. 

Implications for AI

Richard Feynman’s philosophy in the conduct of science is an antidote to materialism. It brings us back to the true beauty of science, and offers us a new way of dealing with doubt and uncertainties. Feynman shows that that even though new explanations for the nature of things cann fully explain the existence of life and the human mind, he encourages us to trust in the process, for whatever discoveries we might have today is only a small part of a much bigger truth that will be discovered in the future. The important thing is that we do science properly – that we do not impede learning and creativity of future generations.

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