2 min readThe current moment is an opportunity to break away from the dominant narrative of medicine

The following is an article written by Dr. Kelly Brogan at the height of the corona-panic in 2020. In this article, Dr. Brogan talks about how the reductionist view of the body had people hostage to the idea of bad genes, bad luck, and bad germs. If we wish to break away from this dominant narrative, Dr. Brogan says that we will need to possess a tremendous amount of courage.

Dr. Brogan goes on to explain the reductionist view of the human body which looks at immunity as though it is a billiard ball. In this view, she says, the body is viewed separate from germs and the environment, we are a threat to their existence, in as much as we are a threat to theirs. This worldview, Dr. Brogan says, is incompatible to a worldview that embrace interconnectedness. She adds, “This mainstream worldview does not acknowledge the role of thought, belief, and emotions in expression of symptoms. Nor does it frame illness as a fundamentally meaningful expression of one’s state of being”.

Editor’s Note: If there is any good thing that comes out of the corona panic, it is this: we are now confronted with the inconsistencies of the reductionist sciences. These days, we are being asked to put together and make sense of the various, seemingly disconnected knowledge we have of the human body.

We can no longer stay as a passive bystander, waiting for the powerful and influential scientists to determine the truth for us. Instead, we need to make a position: Is the human being no more than a well-oiled machine, or is it an integral creation that is interdependent with its environment?

The current moment is asking us to look beyond the physical in order to determine the truth of our humanity.

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Why the Current Moment Is an Opportunity

Why the Current Moment Is an Opportunity

When your foot hurts, it can help to ask why it hurts rather than to reflexively reach for a Tylenol. Especially if the asking helps you to see that you have a piece of glass in it. With the clarity to look for a root cause, the option to manage the symptoms with a chemical


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