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1 min readCharles Eisenstein: We can choose a new story of interdependence and connection to address many of our societal issues

The following is the first of a two-part interview between philosopher and author Charles Eisenstein and Jeff Krasno for The Commune. In this episode, Eisenstein and Krasno touches on the sacred nature of the material world, the fundamental nature of consciousness, the falling political system, climate change, and the emergency of a new cultural story.

Editor’s Note: At a time of chaos, such as what we have now, when all our long-established routines are thrown into the water, looking back at the world with reverence and respect can be difficult. This interview with Charles Eisenstein reminds us that it is precisely during these moments that we must strive to look at and acknowledge the other, and to remember that our own survival as a species can only happen if we create a new story together.

Our current societies are founded on the myth of separation. The corona panic has forced us to see a new emerging story that is integrative and life-giving.

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The Story of Separation with Charles Eisenstein Part 1 of 2

The Story of Separation with Charles Eisenstein Part 1 of 2

The myth of the separate self underlies our entire civilization, says philosopher and author Charles Eisenstein. This dualistic view of the world pits people against each other and turns nature into what we want to control. But we can choose another story — one of interdependence and connection.

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