1 min readCan we change the world with our minds?

The following are the results of research conducted by Dr. Helané Wahbeh. It was published by the Institute of Noetic Sciences last January 10, 2021.

In this article, Dr. Wahbeh reviews over 100 years of psychokinesis research to show us that indeed, our consciousness can impact the physical world. She said found that at least “Twenty peer-reviewed studies suggest that creating coherence in collective consciousness can result in improvements in the quality of life in society, increased governmental success and international cooperation without the use of armed forces through focused meditation events”.

Dr. Wahbeh adds that these psychokinesis events imply that we are not completely separate from our environment and that we can influence it.

Editor’s Note: How liberating is it to know that we are not just victims of our physical realities and that we can change it through our consciousness? If we all knew this, wouldn’t we all want to master our consciousness so that we can actively change our physical circumstances?

In the same manner, if our physical realities feel like they are going to the dump, we should ask ourselves: “what is in my consciousness that leaves me trapped in this terrible cycle?” What is in the collective consciousness that leads us into perpetuating the cycle of injustice in our societies?

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