1 min readBelgian artist creates AI to track lawmakers using their phones

The following article was written by Whitney Kimball and was published by Gizmodo last July 6, 2021.

Kimball features an artificial intelligence program called “The Flemish Scrollers” which live-streams videos of Flemish government meetings. An AI software is used to identify who among their lawmakers are on their phones, and then a short clip is posted on Twitter with the errant representative tagged for good measure.

The AI software used for The Flemish Scrollers was written by Belgian artist Dries Depoorter which he hopes “could help curb devastating consequences by motivating lawmakers to act” against the use of facial recognition.

Editor’s Note: The issue of facial recognition has been widely documented for years [see FACIAL RECOGNITION TECHNOLOGY INCORRECT MORE THAN 90% OF THE TIME.] Why governments continue to allow the use of this flawed technology by the police and courts is beyond logic.

Why aren’t all states in the US creating their own restrictions on facial recognition? Why is the European Union not acting on the recommendations of the European Data Protection Board and the European Data Protection Supervisors to ban the use of facial recognition [see EU CALLS FOR BAN OF FACIAL RECOGNITION]? What are they waiting for?

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