1 min readYour Smart Devices Are Spying On You. Here’s How You Can Protect Your Privacy

The following article was written by Roberto Yus and Primal Pappachan and was published by The Defender last May 15, 2022.

Here, the authors discuss the many ways that smart devices are a threat to privacy. They go on to help people understand what kinds of data these smart devices are collecting about their users, as well as how you can manage the risk.

Editor’s Note: The majority of the suggestions offered by this article lie heavily on human decision-making. If we want to protect our privacy, then we must choose privacy-friendly products. There is no magic pill, no single high-tech solution for this.

Protecting our privacy can be a chore, especially when we don’t understand why it is essential. We encourage you to read TIM COOK: “OUR INFORMATION IS BEING WEAPONIZED AGAINST US” for context.

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